Practice what you preach

Do you want your staff to instinctively do things without being told? If so you are going to have to lead by example. At Merlin leaders we know that if you want your staff to respect you and follow your lead, they will need to see evidence that you instinctively do things correctly yourself. We can show you how to banish the "my job vs. your job" mentality – and transform it into "our job" with everyone clearly understanding their role with reference to your own. From good time-keeping, to your appearance, to your body language, we believe that your employees are much more likely to learn from what you do, not from what you say.


Doing nothing is a decision!

Not responding to a problem is a management choice, this can be due to reluctance to face the issue, a lack of skills or knowledge to tackle the subject effectively or a lack of time to manage the problem. Sometimes , however, doing nothing is the right decision as it will empower others to tackle problems and  become more self –reliant. At Merlin Leaders we will help you to identify when is the correct time to take action and then have the confidence to make that action count!


If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it !

What do you want to achieve? Do you measure the right things to achieve this ? We often spend our time measuring meaningless statistics of events that  are beyond our control. We believe that the key to effective management is to measure what can be controlled and then manage the performance that drives this measurement. Merlin Leaders will coach you in all aspects of performance measurement including the basics of what to measure and when to measure in order to guarantee success through effective management.


Feel the fear and do it anyway

Are you reluctant to deal with a difficult staff member or do you out off tackling a performance issue due to fear of getting it wrong legally? We understand that such fears are important to acknowledge as a part of your decision making  process however they cannot be allowed to stop you from doing what is right for you and your business. Here at Merlin Leaders we will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to feel the fear but still take action in an effective and legally compliant way.



Are you achieving a goal or scratching an itch?

Do you find yourself doing tasks that are not very productive yet you believe  are necessary just to get through the day? Do you find yourself completing tasks that  you feel comfortable doing before those that are more challenging or have longer term impact ? It is very easy to prioritise your workload in such a way that suits your current needs but is this the most productive use of your time? We believe that it is important to constantly examine and question  your workload to ensure you are attending to the right things at the right time and ascertain what  can be delegated to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time whilst empowering others.


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